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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard Kent is going to update everything to TypeScript. I have questions...

Yes, the plan is to update and re-record every video on to TypeScript. This is an enormous effort and Kent is working on it. You can even watch his progress by checking out the next branch of each workshop. You may also notice that moving to TypeScript isn't the only improvement. Exciting things are coming!

You don't have to know TypeScript to go through this course. There will be a script you can run in each workshop to remove all the TypeScript and write JavaScript instead.

Kent plans to produce TypeScript material for you to go through first if you're new to TypeScript and would like to learn it.

The default TypeScript configuration will be pretty loose so if you're new or inexperienced with TypeScript, it shouldn't be much of a hinderance.

The current plan is that you'll always be able to access the current videos if you'd prefer to watch all the older JavaScript version of the videos.

The current plan is this rewrite to TypeScript an upgrade for existing license holders. TBD what this update will cost. It might not cost anything or it might have a resonable cost associated with it. It's quite a lot of work.

There is no promised timeline for the TypeScript update. Kent hopes it happens in 2021, but can't promise anything.

Remember, a "plan" is not a "promise" and you should only keep these plans in mind when purchasing EpicReact rather than expecting them to happen exactly as planned.

What discounts are available?

There are no special discounts available.

We support purchase power parity. This is automated based on IP address of the computer you are using to make the purchase. It's an imperfect system and the discount does not always display.

Note that if you use the PPP discount your purchase will be restricted to the country you purchased it from.

How do the “team” seats work? What is a “seat” in this context

When you buy a team seat, you receive a link that can be used to register for the number of accounts you have purchased. The license is non-transferable (you cannot reassign a license from one person to another).

If I buy a lower tier, can I upgrade later?

Yes. You pay the difference from what you paid for the lower tier to the price of Pro at the time you upgrade. This means that unless there’s still a discount on Pro, you’ll not get a discounted upgrade.

What is PPP?

Purchasing Power Parity - a lower price for users in certain countries; content is a bit cheaper and the course is only accessible from the country it is purchased from.

Can I gift a license to someone else?

Yes, you can! Simply enter their email address instead of your own. There might be a verification code they receive that you’ll have to request from them. Also, if you buy a PPP license, then make sure you’re both in the same country otherwise they won’t be able to access the content in their country.

Is it possible to buy the course some other way? Installments? PayPal/etc?

No, the only available buying options are those on the site right now.

Does PPP limit bonus content?

PPP purchases are limited to the content that is displayed at the time of purchase and current and future bonus materials and features might not be available.

When in doubt, and if you want to guarantee access to everything, purchase the PRO tier without PPP discount.

Does my company own the team license(s)?

Team licenses are actually coupon codes that can be redeemed by users. Companies are not meant to own or keep the licenses.

They are meant to be distributed and are owned by the individual that claims that seat.

They cannot be transferred or "passed around"

Can I customize the invoice? VAT/company details?

Yes, there’s a textarea that allows you to put any arbitrary information into the invoice PDF/printable.

Who is Epic React for?

Epic React is for anyone with a moderate understanding of JavaScript! Give this blog post a read: If you’re comfortable with the features in that post, then you should be good to go. If not, then you’ll struggle a little bit with the syntax and JavaScript features used in the workshops.

What if I've been working with and studying React for years?

You'll still learn something! Epic React is tailored for all experience levels! Kent covers everything from the basic levels to the advanced to the experimental!

How does the “Testing React Apps” workshop differ from is the best place to learn to test JavaScript applications on the web. There you’ll get a much deeper foundation on testing, both in general as well as specific to React. The Testing React Apps workshop (as well as the testing exercises in the Build an Epic React App workshop) will give you a solid foundation in its own right, and you should be comfortable testing your applications with the information you learn there. But it won’t give you as deep an understanding as There is a little bit of overlap, but it is completely separate material. If you do both, I’d suggest doing EpicReact.Dev first unless you have experience shipping production applications already. If that’s the case, then you can do them in any order.

I want to watch the launch Q&A, where do I go?

Here is a link to the recording.

How much time does it take to complete the whole course?

Kent recommends around 14 weeks for a “dedicated” pace. The suggested schedule for a learning club can be found here: KCD Learning Clubs Ideas

How do I get a rocket in Discord?

To link your KCD account with Discord navigate to after you have purchased the course. Click on the button and you'll have the Epic React Dev role added to your account as well as the 🚀 added to your name!

Is there any live aspect to Epic React or is it all self-paced?

It is all self-paced but Kent holds office hours that you can join to ask questions.

You can join a learning club to check-in with other students live, learn more at

In addition, the Discord Community is very active.

How can I join a learning club to study with other users?

Visit this link to learn about how to join a club The learning clubs are student-driven, so if you don’t see one that has openings then feel free to create your own. Check the following link for more information about creating your own club:

Can I join an Epic React club without buying it and just use the open source repositories?

No. The Epic React learning clubs are just for those that paid for the course.

Will this course be updated when React v17.x comes out?

The course is up to date and compatible with React v17.x and Suspense (as it currently stands).

If there are changes in the future that require recreating videos or changing repositories, Kent plans to update those materials within a reasonable amount of time.

I'm having trouble getting the repo running locally. Are there any alternatives?

Yes! All of the repos work in codesandbox. Simply add "box" to the end of the Github URL.

Example <-- repo <-- codesandbox

It is still recommended to do everything locally, but this is a great alternative if you're stuck on the setup.

Also, every workshop has a Dockerfile if you like to roll like that.

Can I change my email address with which I bought the course?

Yes. Contact the support team at

You cannot transfer your license to another person.

None of these are my questions, can I contact someone?

Yes! You can email the Epic React Support Email:

What are the terms and conditions?

You can read them here.

Credit for most of this information goes to the Kent C. Dodds Discord Community!