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Building React applications demands that you make expert decisions before you write the first line of code.

You're responsible for building a cohesive, maintainable code-base that will help your team succeed and build a React application that serves your customers' needs.

You're faced with hundreds of decisions.

If you don't choose correctly users will suffer.

Your team will suffer.

You'll be stuck with your early bad decisions for the next 5 years at a minimum.

React is the smart choice for most web development projects in 2023

React provides an "assembly-level" set of tools without a lot of guidance on how to turn those tools into an application that scales.

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That's what makes React awesome.

But React's flexibility is a double-edged sword.

It's up to you and your team to decide how your application will be architected and maintained over time.

To make those decisions, you need expertise.

You need experience.

This is where the official React documentation cuts you short.

You are left piecing together components like a bucket of Lego spilled on the floor.

You need to build applications that scale.

✅ Well-tested.

✅ Well-architected.

You don't have time for trial and error.

You have to get it right.

One of the biggest challenges with learning React is the vast sea of low-grade internet learning content.

You're going to spend countless hours wading through out-of-date, low-effort, inconsistent, and often wrong blog posts, YouTube videos, and courses across the internet trying to understand how to build React applications that scale.

Books are out of date.

Articles are filled with bad advice.

Screencasts are old, stale, and too time-consuming to watch while not providing real practice.

Youtube channels are thinly veiled content-marketing schemes meant to harvest cash from your wallet without caring about you or your career. 😬

There has to be a better way.

What if you had a resource for you and your team that taught consistent fundamentals of React component development as well as a well defined, production-proven, enterprise-grade architecture for building applications that scale?

Wouldn't it be great to confidently develop React applications with a solid foundation?

Would you like to have a coherent strategy and remove the indecision that comes with building a new React application from scratch?

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Epic React is hands-on practice coding in a real development environment.

Epic React is a series of code-along interactive workshops that have been play-tested live and in-person over several years for hundreds of developers like you.

This self-paced workshop collection will start from the very beginning of the React journey and guide you all the way through well-tested application architecture.

React Fundamentals (1h 51m)
React Hooks (2h 24m)
Advanced React Hooks (1h 14m)
Advanced React Patterns (1h 19m)
React Performance (2h 14m)
Testing React Apps (2h 1m)
React Suspense (1h 34m)
Build an Epic React App (7h 7m)

This collection of self-paced workshops is truly epic. It isn't a play on words!

  • 19 hours of concise in-depth video training
  • Interactive self-paced workshop exercises
  • 10 full hours of insightful video conversations with React experts

See what's included in Epic React

Bonus: Interviews with Experts

Beyond the workshops you'll also get access to these bonus interviews that discuss React beyond the code.

Creating Open Source Libraries with Tanner Linsley
Bonus Interview ・ 39m
Animations and Interactions with Josh Comeau
Bonus Interview ・ 37m
Next.js and Vercel with Guillermo Rauch
Bonus Interview ・ 40m
Building React-based Design Systems with Ben Ilegbodu
Bonus Interview ・ 34m
The React Ecosystem with Tejas Kumar
Bonus Interview ・ 28m
Encapsulation and Styling with Michael Chan
Bonus Interview ・ 39m
3D Animation in the Browser with Paul Henschel
Bonus Interview ・ 39m
Best Practices for Maintainers with Jenn Creighton
Bonus Interview ・ 29m
Breaking into Tech with Samantha Bretous
Bonus Interview ・ 24m
Best Practices of Server-Side Rendering with Monica Powell
Bonus Interview ・ 31m
Mock Service Worker (MSW) with Artem Zakharchenko
Bonus Interview ・ 32m
React and React Native documentation with Rachel Nabors
Bonus Interview ・ 42m
React Developer Tools with Brian Vaughn
Bonus Interview ・ 49m

Who is Epic React created for?

This is intermediate/advanced material.

Epic React is not for novice developers.

We assume the following about your experience:

  • Strong understanding of modern JavaScript and, more generally, web development (HTML/CSS) - we won't spend time remediating the basics in this self-paced workshop collection.
  • Willingness to do the work actively — this isn't a passive course, and you won't be successful if you don't make an effort. It's very challenging.

Epic React is designed for web developers who want to create robust, high-quality, well-tested React applications that scale to meet users, teams, and project stakeholders' needs.

I was just about to start preparing the app we're working on for general availability, which includes solving a lot of performance issues. This workshop delivers knowledge that is applicable to the real world issues right away.

a photo of Ruslan Shtyk
Ruslan Shtyk about React Performance workshop

This has been my favorite of the masterclass series. Especially compound components! I find I'm at a point in my career where I want to write better APIs for components both for others and for resilience.

a photo of Mike Schutte
Mike Schutte about Advanced React Patterns workshop

I typically work on smaller apps, so since I don't get exposure to React performance tips and tricks, I found this extremely helpful. I appreciate how much effort you have put into the materials and schedule because this was the smoothest workshop I have EVER attended!

a photo of Lindsey Gillaspie
Lindsey Gillaspie

This workshop/video/bonanza is nothing like what egghead has on their normal website, honestly this feels like a React Bootcamp/Coding School on a more digestable platform and delivery

a photo of Jacob M-G Evans
Jacob M-G Evans

I bought the workshop bundle because I felt my knowledge of React was very lacking. At the time, I had worked with React for half a year and always had a lot of unanswered questions. I feel way more confident in my React abilities now. The workshops cover almost everything you need to know in React. Nowadays whenever I find myself unfamiliar with a concept in React, I just refer back to the notes and exercises. The other day, I was looking at some production level React code that I have never seen before and I did not feel overwhelmed at all.

a photo of Andrew Li
Andrew Li

I'm always looking to level up my skills and I wanted to get a stronger knowledge of React. Before Epic React, I was good at React. After, I feel like a superhero and have super powers with React. I've been able to solve some harder problems with simpler solutions. I'm working on an internal tool for the company I work for and I've been able to create some incredible advanced functionality with the added knowledge from Kent's course.

a photo of Steven Hofheins
Steven Hofheins

Epic React starts from the fundamentals of React application development and moves you rapidly into the patterns and mental models you need to be successful as a web developer using React to solve users' problems.

Epic React was designed to meet your needs to help you make confident choices and build React applications that scale.

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Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds, and I will be your Epic React instructor

I'm a full-stack JavaScript engineer. In the past, I've worked at PayPal, where I helped build products shipped to millions of users all over the globe. I also represented PayPal on the TC39. In addition to my job as a React developer, I created and maintain the most popular library on the internet to test your React applications. I'm a Google Developer Expert, and I've been teaching on for six+ years.

The Workshops in Epic React Include:

  • React Fundamentals

    Learn the foundational concepts necessary for building React applications and libraries

    Learn everything you need to be effective with the fundamental building block of React applications. When you’re finished, you’ll be prepared to create React components to build excellent experiences for your app's users.

  • React Hooks

    There are better patterns and practices that are an entirely new approach to developing components and managing state in your React applications.

    Learn the ins and outs of React Hooks. I will take you on a deep dive into React Hooks, and show you what you need to know to start using them in your applications right away.

  • Advanced React Hooks

    To learn the more advanced React hooks and different patterns to enable great developer APIs for custom hooks.

    We’ll look at some of the more advanced hooks and ways they can be used to optimize your components and custom hooks. We’ll also look at several patterns you can follow to make custom hooks that provide great APIs for developers to be productive building applications.

  • Advanced React Patterns

    Learn how to build simple and flexible React Components and Hooks using modern patterns

    Not only learn great patterns you can use but also the strengths and weaknesses of each, so you know which to reach for to provide your custom hooks and components the flexibility and power you need.

  • React Performance

    React is fast, until it isn't

    Learn everything you need to diagnose, profile, and fix performance problems in your React application using the Browser Performance Profiler, React DevTools Profiler, and proven React optimization techniques.

  • Testing React Apps

    Learn the essential tools and techniques to ship with confidence

    In this hands-on workshop you'll learn everything you need to test React components and applications with ease and get the knowledge you need to ship your applications with confidence.

  • React Suspense

    Simplify your Async UI and improve your User Experience

    Learn how Suspense works under the hood, preparing you for the future of asynchronous state management.

  • Build an Epic React App

    Get started building React applications

    The React and JavaScript ecosystem is full of tools and libraries to help you build your applications. In this (huge) workshop we’ll build an application from scratch using widely supported and proven tools and techniques. We’ll cover everything about building frontend React applications, from the absolute basics to the tricky parts you'll run into building real world React apps and how to create great abstractions.

Join over 7000 Developers and Get Really Good At React

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.

Epic React Basic

yours forever

Choose this package if you want to get started with React.

  • 2 Interactive Self-Paced Workshops

  • Compare to $1200 for live workshops

  • Full Transcripts and Captions

  • Full Source Code for All Workshops

  • Discord Community Access

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • React Fundamentals

  • React Hooks

Epic React Pro

yours forever

Choose this package if you are ready to commit and get an in-depth professional understanding of React. It includes everything you will need.

  • 8 Interactive Self-Paced Workshops

  • Bonus Interviews with React Community Experts

  • Best Value ⭐️

  • Compare to $4800 for live workshops

  • Full Transcripts and Captions

  • Full Source Code for All Workshops

  • Discord Community Access

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • React Fundamentals

  • React Hooks

  • Advanced React Hooks

  • Advanced React Patterns

  • React Performance

  • Testing React Apps

  • React Suspense

  • Build an Epic React App

  • Epic React Expert Interviews

Epic React Standard

yours forever

Choose this package if you want a solid understanding of how to use React.

  • 4 Interactive Self-Paced Workshops

  • Compare to $2400 for live workshops

  • Full Transcripts and Captions

  • Full Source Code for All Workshops

  • Discord Community Access

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • React Fundamentals

  • React Hooks

  • Advanced React Hooks

  • Advanced React Patterns

30 day money back guarantee