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The Most Comprehensive Guide to React for Professional Developers


Too many "beginner React" material starts with JSX and a bunch of tools. React itself is remarkably simple (and the docs are amazingly good). Sadly, everything around it can get complicated quickly and it can be hard to know where the lines are between React and the tools and libraries you use it with.

And then beyond the basics, it's hard to find a consistent, complete, all in one framework that you can use to confidently build and ship React applications.

Instead we are left piecing together components like a jigsaw puzzle.

The React docs themselves give us a clear idea about how to structure React components and the pieces that we need to fit together, but they leave it up to us almost completely when it comes to assembling those components into the bigger picture of an application.

What if you had a resource for you and your team that taught consistent fundamentals of React component development as well as a well defined, production proven, enterprise grade architecture for building applications that scale?

If that sounds good, Epic React is tailor made for you and your team.

This course is going to start from the very beginning of the React journey and guide you all the way through well tested application architecture. It is the distillation of my years of experience building reusable React components, open source libraries, and shipping rock solid apps to millions of users around the globe.

And I'm going to show you how I did it. Completely. No holding back.

Are you ready to strap in and take your React applications to the next level?

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