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Why we need Epic React

by Kent C. Dodds

Copy and Paste this letter and send it to your boss.

Dear Boss,

We've been working extremely hard to create high-quality, performant, well-tested React apps that scale to the needs of our users. This is challenging to accomplish on a team of our size and with team members that have various backgrounds, context, and understanding of how to build web applications and use our tools effectively.

There are many reasons for this:

  • React has changed over the last few years and so have the patterns.
  • Everybody has learned React from different sources of varied quality.
  • Our app has grown and changed and the patterns have started to drift.
  • We've had developers come and go causing our shared group knowledge to change accordingly.

As a team, we want to be as effective as possible and bring ever increasing value to our users and the business. It's important to us to develop high-quality applications that perform well and aren't riddled with bugs.

That's our job!

That's why we are asking for licenses to

Epic React is a complete end-to-end series of self-paced workshops from Kent C. Dodds. Every module in Epic React is produced from multiple live in person events and have been used to learn React by 8000+ developers.

By using Epic React the team will be able to have common shared knowledge about how to build React apps with modern best practices, which we feel could save the business money, increase revenue, and bring our users a better overall experience using our app.

Kent C. Dodds has taught 10s of thousands of people how to effectively use React and even maintains some of the open source tools that we use in our app.

We really need this.

If you'd like to support our skills and knowledge as developers to increase the quality of the applications we write for you and our users, please click here to visit Epic React and purchase a team license for us:

Kent even offers quantity discounts so we can save money by providing licenses for the entire team.

If you've got questions, please reply. We'd love to talk about this more. Otherwise, we look forward to receiving our link to start learning from Epic React as soon as possible.


- your team

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